Reboxetine is a NorAdrenaline Reuptake Inhibitor (NARI) that is approved in over 50 countries as an antidepressant.  In May 2001, the FDA declined the approval of reboxetine for the US.

  1.  Reboxetine  efficacy in major depression                                    
  2.  Reboxetine  effect on social behavior
  3.  Reboxetine  effect on panic disorder
  4.  Reboxetine  does it offer advantages over SSRIs?
  5.  Reboxetine  role in antidepressant therapy
  6.  Reboxetine  efficacy and tolerability
  7.  Reboxetine  clinical pharmacologic profile
  8.  Reboxetine  Inhibiting noradrenaline and serotonin reuptake 
  9.  Reboxetine  and depression in the elderly
 10. Reboxetine  with severe major depressive disorder
 11. Reboxetine  clinical efficacy in major depression
 12. Reboxetine  effects on Hamilton Depression Rating Scale
 13. Reboxetine  comparison with fluoxetine
 14. Reboxetine  versus fluoxetine, impact on social functioning
 15. Reboxetine  versus fluoxetine, differential effects
 16. Reboxetine  prevents relapse in  major depression
 17. Reboxetine  efficacy compared with imipramine
 18. Noradrenaline  reuptake inhibition
 19. Antidepressants  noradrenergic versus serotonergic
 20. Reboxetine  in the treatment of bulimia
 21. Reboxetine  hemodynamic effects in healthy males
 22. Reboxetine  effects of antidepressant therapy
 23. Reboxetine  place in antidepressant therapy
 24. Reboxetine  stimulant effects in patients with narcolepsy
 25. Reboxetine  selective noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor (NARI)

          Reboxetine  manufacturer's product insert


from an article by Richard Brown MD

I have also found picamilon to be a helpful medication.  This Russian medication is a combination of GABA and niacin in the same molecule.  It is helpful for anxiety and depression, especially with cerebral vascular disorder with mood symptoms and/or confusion  continue